27 - 29 June 2017 | Swissotel, Sydney

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Fast Track Your Attendance

Want to fast track your registration to Design and Development of Stations and Terminals 2017? It's easy - just download, fill out this form and send it to... Read More

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Function, Performance & Personality - Keeping Auckland Moving with Innovative Design Principles

Ahead of the inaugural Stations and Terminal Design and Development Summit 2017 we explore Auckland’s CRL Project and explore how flexible and functional station design is leading to improved stakeholder engagement and increased customer... Read More

Designing Train Stations for the Future: Strategies to Ensure Long-Term Efficiency

As populations rapidly grow, cities all over the globe are currently investing billions of dollars on mass transportation infrastructure that will cater for tomorrow’s needs - and increased transport network means hundreds of new transportation hubs surfacing across our urban centres, changing the way our cities look and are experienced. Ahead... Read More