Design and Development of Stations and Terminals Summit 2018

As population rapidly grows, cities all over the globe are currently investing billions of dollars on the Mass Transportation infrastructure that will cater for tomorrow’s needs.

An increased transport network means hundreds of new transportation hubs surfacing across our urban centres, changing the way our cities look and are experienced.

With this in mind, Design and Development of Stations and Terminals Summit 2017 was created for stakeholders tasked with the design, planning and execution of the projects that will shape the future of our cities.

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At this event, you will:


Learn from industry leading case studies of current top Australian and International projects


Connect and network with inspiring thought leaders including Architects, Engineers, Planning and more


Hear more about the latest tech innovations that are changing the game across all disciplines


Get to know the latest global trends in Stations and terminals from recognised Industry leaders


Make the most of your attendance with the pre-conference day experience made of intimate workshops and stimulating interactive site visits

Featured Speakers

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Who you will meet:

  •  Senior Associates - Architects
  •  Senior Precinct / Town Planner
  •  Senior Engineers
  •  Design Managers
  •  Head of Rail Infrastructure Projects
  •  Director / Head of Customer Service
  •  Director - Transport Division
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